Non-Traditional Team Building

Non-Traditional Team Building

While it is fun to take your people out for the day and engage in team building activities together, it’s not always practical to do so. We’re focused on keeping our team strong, so we build activities into the Essential Management Group workday regularly. They are designed to strengthen bonds and keep communication and smiles flowing.

One great way to do this is by building something fun together. This can be as small as making signs to support our latest charity project or coming together to create a fun video to share some of our latest successes. Whatever the project, working together on something new makes everyone excited and creative.

Sometimes, we have team contests that have little to do with anything other than getting people working together in the morning. One fun task is to divide everyone into groups. Then, we give each group a hilarious task such as a tower to build from pasta that is strong enough to support a marshmallow. Laughter, creative problem solving, and cooperation all ensue. People for years afterwards tell stories about the unique team-building activities they engaged in at Essential Management Group.

Including these activities into the regular course of your business can seem silly. However, they pay off in improved company culture, creativity, communication, and team happiness. Try something short and sweet and just see what happens.

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